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Why You May Not Be a “Good Fit” For the Job

Post Author Eryka Cazenave
Aug 28, 2016 6:00:00 PM
Career Tips

Completing job applications can be a tedious and cumbersome process. Often times the job search can feel like a job in itself. There may be no feeling more disheartening than dedicating time to apply for a job only to be rejected with a statement like, “You just aren’t a good fit for the position.”

You may have had your heart set on the job you thought was a perfect fit only to learn that the employer didn’t see things the same way you did. You may be wondering what the employer is referring to when they say “good fit”. What the employer is considering here is called organizational culture, and we are here to shed some light on how this can affect your future job searches.

Organizational culture affects the way people and groups not only interact with each other, but also with clients and stakeholders. Culture is such a vital part of the recruitment process for companies, because while job demands and requirements may shift, culture remains constant in the face of change. An effective organizational culture actually helps people work together to adapt to business changes. When recruiters review your information during the hiring process, they are taking into account not only your skill-set, but also your personality as it relates to company culture. If there is dissonance between a candidate's personality and the company culture, culture will always win.


While engaged in your job search, you should always factor in the organization’s culture. The challenge for most job seekers is engaging in self-assessment so that they are clear about who they are, what their values are and what kind of work environment or company culture is best suited for them. Don’t waste your time pining away for a position with a company that is not suited for your personality. When deciding between multiple job options that require the same skill-level and salary, consider applying at the organization that is a better cultural fit.

Ultimately, one should strive to work for a company whose culture exudes their definition of personal success. Here at MAU, we deeply care about making our applicants, employees, and clients lives better. We make their success our goal as we personally support them on their journey to change their life. We work with our applicants to gain a clear understanding of the type of job they want, the skills they have and need, the type of employment they seek, the company culture they crave and the future they want to create for themselves. If our company culture sounds like the right fit for you, join our team below!

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