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MAU Care Partners are trained and experienced counselors - dedicated caregivers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, nationwide.  On a neutral, voluntary, and confidential basis, they extend care, concern, and compassion to all MAU Associates.

  • Life has its problems, so everyone must deal with problems.
  • Many associates have no one to turn to for help with personal or family issues.
  • In addition, we all sometimes face crises and need some extra support, care, or guidance to help us and our family members through difficult times.
  • The Care Partner team is established to serve as designated helpers for all associates and immediate family members.
  • The Care Partner's responsiblity is to care for people, to do whatever it takes to help you and your family.
  • Care Partner chaplains are always available, and serve at no cost to you and your immediate family.

To learn more about the Branch Visit Schedule and the dedicated members of the Care Partners team, click here.

MAU Care Partners Schedule

Care Partner App

Marketplace Care Partners App

Install the free Marketplace Care Partners App on your smartphone

  1. Go to your App Store (iTunes or Google-Play)
  2. Click on the search icon Search-1.png
  3. Enter Marketplace Care Partners in the search box
  4. Install the Marketplace Care Partners app Care Partner App
  5. Click on Marketplace Care Partners and enter ID number for your worksite

Here is your worksite number: #7445