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COVID-19 Workforce Support

In response to COVID-19, Employers are requesting workforce support in the following areas:

On-site Clinical Support

Clinical Support

Hourly Labor


Professional/Skilled Contractors


Human Resources Recruiting


For support, reach out to us at workforcesolutions@mau.com
or call us at ‪762-218-3045.

Helpful Resources for Employers

Published Blogs 

MAU Header_ COVID-19_ How to Manage your Employer Brand

How to Manage
your Employer Brand

To help protect your business during these overwhelming times, we have gathered three recommendations on how to manage your employer brand during a crisis.
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COVID19 Workforce Support - 6 Tips to Boost your Safety at Home

COVID-19: 6 Tips from MAU's Director of Safety

Rob Loose, MAU's Director of Safety, shares how to boost your safety at home during challenging times.

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Header_ How to Better Manage your Remote Employees

How to Better Manage Your Remote Employees

Many companies are opting into remote work environments for employees. Learn how to better manage your remote workforce and maximize their productivity.
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How to Boost Your Team Morale

COVID-19: How to Boost Your Team Morale

Keeping a positive work environment during the coronavirus outbreak is crucial. Learn 5 ways to kick the energy of your workforce up.
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Physical Distancing, not Social Distancing

COVID-19: Physical Distancing, Not Social Distancing

Rob Loose, MAU's Director of Safety, shares why physical distancing should take over social distancing, and why it is important to employers.
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Infographics and Assets

Blog Header - Making Sure Your Culture can Handle Growth eBook

Best Practices To Sustainably Upscale Your Hiring Process

Company Culture isn't just a corporate buzzword, it's a way to help you manage your company's growth in the healthiest way. We made an e-book to help you out, access it here for free!
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Copy of Header_ How to Better Manage your Remote Employees (1)

How to Better Manage Your Remote Employees

How can you make sure you are maximizing your remote staff's performance during these challenging times? Get this infographic and learn 4 pillars to maximize their productivity.
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Coming back to Work after COVID-19

Pandemic Work Adaptations: Returning from COVID-19

This ebook features recommended best practices to inform and aid employers when opening business during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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MAU Client Success Stories

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COVID19 - Company Statement

A Message to all MAU Customers

MAU President, Randy Hatcher, shares how MAU is addressing the coronavirus pandemic with all of our customers: Applicants, Clients, and Employees.
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