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Family Values Program

Internal MAU

Submit Your Nomination Below!


  • Nominee must have been employed with MAU for at least one year.
  • Nominee must still be employed with MAU at time of selection.
  • Nominee cannot have any performance issues on record.
  • Self Nominations are not valid for this program.



Help us celebrate some of our Most Valuable Family Members (MVFM's)!

(Please note: This page is to submit nominations for internal MAU Employees.  If you would like to nominate an MAU Associate, please click here)

Yes, we are an employer. But, more than that MAU is a family.

We are a faith-based, family-focused organization that is dedicated to providing career growth and wellness opportunities to our employees. We believe our role is to provide a place of teamwork, trust, recognition, responsibility and integrity and that starts with serving as a personal advocate for you and your career.

MAU wants to highlight exceptional employees who have gone above and beyond to epitomize the MAU core values.

Nominate an MAU employee for our Family Values employee recognition contest who you feel embodies one of our core values:

  • We live safety
  • We provide exceptional customer service 
  • We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times and at all costs
  • We honor the unique worth of each person and the relationship we develop with them (respect)
  • We are known for the principles of responsible stewardship
  • We empower the development of our people (growth)
  • We work together as a results oriented team (teamwork)

Please provide a specific example of how your nominee demonstrated their core value.  Please be as detailed as possible. 

Example Nomination: "I nominate John Doe for the MAU Core Value of Teamwork. John Doe worked overtime for two weeks in order to ensure that our team's task was completed properly. All the while, John Doe kept a smile on their face and a willingness to help others. John Doe's tireless effort motivated others on our team. John Doe has proven that here at MAU, we truly do work together as a results oriented team."