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MAU Workforce Solutions




Innovative Solutions: MAU Develops Customized Inhouse Assessment

MAU’s client, John Deere, was experiencing double digit turn over before seeking help from the experts at MAU. As a result, MAU created a Skill School which featured a mini assessment to prepare candidates for the intense assessments at John Deere.

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MAU Helps Fill More Than 800 positions for Magna, one of the World's Largest Automotive Suppliers

As one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, Magna International Inc. is no stranger to expansion and growth. Magna relied on MAU to step in and take over their recruiting process in order to keep up with increasing demands from clients.

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Building a Plant and a Culture by Hiring the Right Talent for its First US Manufacturing Facility

With no manufacturing footprint in the United States, Volvo was relying on a global team to lead the construction and start-up in South Carolina. In terms of building its future workforce, Volvo needed to overcome a lack of familiarity with the local and regional labor market.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Eliminates Waste and Creates Efficiency

MAU's client is a supplier of manufactured product to the power utility industry. The client had experienced significant business growth through acquisition activity.

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MAU Helps Fill More Than 160 Skilled Labor Positions for Tier One Auto Manufacturer

MAU’s manufacturing client in Charleston, SC experienced a significant change in production volumes due to growth of its existing products & addition of new product lines.

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International Manufacturer Successfully Recruits Overseas with MAU's Professional Services

MAU’s client is a multinational company with manufacturing, sales, and service operations located throughout the globe.  MAU was approached by this client.

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Aluminum Smelting Facility Experiences Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings with MAU Workforce Solutions

An aluminum smelting company based in South Carolina was looking for ways to cut costs, while still producing a top-notch product. Their goal was to maintain the required level of quality.

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MAU Develops Customized Online Hiring Strategy to Help Call Center Meet Demand

MAU Workforce Solutions began working with a local Call Center client.  Our client was struggling to build a strong workforce during a period of growth at their facility.

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MAU Workforce Solutions Implements Hands on Approach to Safety

At MAU, we pride ourselves on providing solutions. We also pride ourselves on being safety focused.

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MAU Creates Customized Hiring Plan to Help Its Client Meet Rising Demand

One of MAU's Clients, a paper manufacturer, was struggling to build a strong workforce during a period of expansion and growth at their facility.

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Consumer Goods Manufacturer Recognizes Increased Accuracy, Flexibility and Cost Savings Through a Service Level Agreement with MAU

MAU’s client, a consumer goods manufacturer, was experiencing growing pains from increased sales brought on by market demands and future product rollouts.

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Automaker Implements Extended Workforce Solution

MAU Workforce Solutions creates a new, internal division to provide outsourced logistical operations. In 2006, MAU’s client, an Automobile Manufacturer, experienced a significant change in production volumes.

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Consumer Products Manufacturer Meets Production Needs with Outsourcing Model

With the delivery of five new machines, a client's division increased daily production from six million to ten million products, necessitating the mill’s expansion. However, the growth of this mill resulted in packaging and logistical challenges.

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Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Fuels Efficiency By Outsourcing Production

MAU's client, an automotive supplier was in beginning development stages of launching a new fuel injector line, which required its most knowledgeable, experienced associates for adequate production and a successful launch.

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Tier 2 Automotive Supplier Implements Ongoing Workforce Solution to Meet Rising Product Demands

MAU's client produces several products for commercial vehicle systems, one of which drastically increased in demand at the given facility. To respond to the production influx, the company ran the production line by combining second and third shifts.

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Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Decreases Recruiting Costs with Standardized Co-op Program

MAU's client utilized co-op programs, engaging with college and university students in the area, but neither the recruitment process nor program curriculum was ever standardized. As a result, none of the parties involved received maximum value.

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Baked Goods Manufacturer Implements Outsourcing Solution to Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Productivity

The baked goods manufacturer had five weeks to assemble, build and pack more than 3,600 promotional displays, which were composed of three different products. However, full-time staff was needed on other projects during this critical time.

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Entertainment Company Addresses Division Liquidation with Strategic Outplacement Program

As its industry changed, a large entertainment company was faced with the need to reduce staff after projected growth patterns disappeared. In fact, it became necessary to eliminate an entire division.

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Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Organization Captures $2.5 Million in Lost Revenue with MAU’s RPO Services

MAU’s client, a consumer goods manufacturer, was suffering from
inefficient recruiting and hiring processes in its medical supplies sales division. The sales managers relied on over 12 third-party recruiting.

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Core/Noncore Walk-Through

A successful company blueprint must include taking a strategic approach to the workforce and seeking to reduce or eliminate crippling long-term employee legacy costs. Use this Core/Noncore Walk-Through PDF to identify all the areas in your organization as Core or Noncore.

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