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Branch Spotlight - All About Aiken

Post Author Miranda Bishop
Aug 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM
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Aiken Blog

In 1987, MAU Workforce Solutions expanded into its second market, Aiken, South Carolina, a beautiful city known for its rich history, equestrian heritage, and remarkable festivities.

The Aiken Branch has grown significantly since its beginning in 1987. The Aiken branch is now one of 10 brick and mortar MAU locations. MAU wants to highlight the hardworking men and women who help make our Aiken office great- their memories, and some of their favorite local hangouts.

Welcome to the New Location!

MAU Aiken, recently relocated to 1036 Pine Log Road, on Friday, June 1, 2018.

The new location is centered between an incoming nail salon Nail Palace, and Bi-Lo supermarket. While this new location is only a few doors down from the Branch’s old location, the team expects the relocation to help increase their presence in Aiken, SC and the applicant foot traffic that they will see.

The new office has more space, and hosts an exceptionally inviting entry area. The team illuminates the warm atmosphere with their friendly and welcoming personalities.


The Aiken Branch has been diligently working to reach their goals and be the best hiring agency possible. Hard work and dedication definitely pays off. On June 26, 2018, MAU Aiken received their first award, 2018 Aiken’s Choice for Best Employment Agency Award from the Aiken Standard.

Aiken Standard Award MAU Aiken 2018


While this was an extremely proud moment for the team, it was only one of several records broken in the past year. 

For example, one of MAU's Staffing Specialist, Jackson Bailey’s clients was able to staff one hundred people! This means more positions were filled for their business, more people were employed, and an overall improvement to the economy in the CSRA!

MAU Aiken fully intends on continuing to progress and break more records. Stop by our new and improved MAU Aiken branch to witness the great things happening every day!

Meet the Aiken Family!

MAU Aiken is staffed by seven members of the MAU family. Each employee brings their own special talents, skills, and personality traits to the team. The Aiken team joins together to accomplish goals and make a difference in their community. 

Alvin Harden - Operations Manager

Alvin Harden at MAU AikenAlvin Harden has been with MAU for nearly 20 years and is the “fearless leader” who oversees all of the team members within the branch. Alvin is a long-time resident of the Aiken community. He knew early on that MAU was a perfect fit for him. Before manning his current station, Alvin began his career as a Staffing Specialist at the Aiken Branch. Alvin has also worked with other branches within MAU. He took his expertise to other locations to assist in the development of other branches, such as: LaGrange and Charleston.

His loyalty to the Aiken Branch is largely due to it being his first location. However, Alvin also feels extremely close to the employees at the Aiken Branch, saying that it is like a family in the office.

An MAU core value that resonates through Alvin is “We honor the unique worth of each person and the relationship we develop with them.” He is all about respect in and out of the office, which is evident when you step into the Aiken Branch.

Fun Fact: Alvin not only helped play a role in creating LaGrange and Charleston, did you know that there used to be a Greenwood location? Alvin also assisted with its development! The Greenwood location has since become a vendor on premise location.

Tammy Worley - Branch Coordinator

Tammy has been with MAU since 2000. She is a long term resident of Aiken and has been at the Aiken Branch since her employment began.Tammy Worley at MAU Aiken

Every time you see her she greets you with a smile, which proves it is easy to be happy when you are doing something you care about. She said that she feels at home in the Aiken office, “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, or with another company.”

Tammy genuinely cares about her coworkers’ well being. She can often be heard asking her teammates if they’ve ate throughout the day.

Working in an office can be tedious at times, so how can you ensure a good time? Tammy’s most memorable MAU moment proves fun is possible with a purpose and a little creativity.

In 2016, an employee engagement event known as MAU Spirit Week was happening company-wide. Tammy and Miranda decided they wanted to partake in the festivities and have a treat! They made a cake out of ice cream sandwiches. They placed sparkler candles on the cake, and honored MAU's founder’s birthday. It was a moment she will always remember, because it bonded the group by allowing them to step away from their normal routine and have a little extra fun on the job.

Fun Fact: Tammy is a proud grandmother to 4 grandchildren that she loves spoiling.

Miranda Beck - Staffing Specialist

Miranda Beck lives out her passion of helping people through her work as a Staffing Specialist, a position that she has held at the Aiken branch for over five years. Miranda is a mother and an Aiken resident who loves the area.Miranda Beck at MAU Aiken

Along with her connection to the community, Miranda has bonded with her Aiken colleagues and says she feels like part of a family. She is a kind person and often considers her team by ensuring the office is tidy and everyone is taken care of. 

One of Miranda’s favorite MAU moments was three years ago when her branch and the entire company supported The ALS Association, a non-profit organization founded on supporting Lou Gehrig’s disease, in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Creating their own Ice Bucket Challenge was a great way to bond her branch, but it was also a blast seeing other branches participate, even MAU’s President, Randy Hatcher joined in on the fun and dove into a pool!

Fun fact: Miranda’s mother-in-law is also an employee at MAU. 

Jackson  Bailey - Staffing Specialist

Jackson Bailey at MAU AikenJackson Bailey is another major asset at the Aiken Branch where he serves as a Staffing Specialist. He has been with the company for a little over a year. Jackson initially started his career with MAU after graduating from the University of Georgia, as an Interviewer and quickly received a promotion. 

Jackson is a complete professional that genuinely aspires to help other people. His favorite part about working at MAU Aiken is that he gets to make an impact in the city that he resides in and has become so fond of. The Aiken branch is just a few miles away from two of his clients, so he believes the branch location is ideal for the manufacturing industry.

Fun Fact: Jackson Bailey is a huge dog lover and adopted his sweet puppy in Aiken.

Elanda Parker - Staffing Specialist

Elanda Parker at MAU AikenElanda Parker is also a key player in the branch’s success and has been with MAU for more than a year as a Staffing Specialist. Elanda immediately brings energy into a room each time she walks in.

Elanda diligently works to ensure applicants are able to pursue an opportunity through MAU Aiken. She truly enjoys Aiken’s small town atmosphere, and closeness and convenience of the new location.

Her favorite part about being a Staffing Specialist at Aiken is that she gets to work close to each team member and be a part of something that is much more than just a work connection, it’s a family connection.

Fun Fact: Elanda’s favorite quote is “Don’t be sorry, just be careful.”

Ariana Johnson - Administrative Assistant

Ariana Johnson at MAU AikenAriana Johnson, a student at Winthrop University, has been with MAU Aiken for the past two summers as an Administrative Assistant. Every year that she returns, Ariana says it feels like coming home since she is connected with each team member. Ariana is vivacious and full of energy.

Ariana believes some of the best things about working with MAU include the company culture and the food! If you are a team member at MAU you already know, “We celebrate with food!”

Her absolute favorite aspect of being employed at MAU Aiken is seeing the progression an individual’s life has made since initially walking into the office. It melts her heart to see the difference and gratitude. She aspires to continue making lives better.  

Fun Fact: Thanks to her employment at MAU, Ariana found a passion she didn’t realize she had and changed her major at Winthrop to business administration.

Hartley Carter - Job Placement Specialist

Hartley Carter at MAU AikenHartley Carter is the newest family member at the Aiken Branch.  She is a huge fan of the Aiken branch location because of how significant Aiken is the industrial sector.

Her colleagues describe her as eager to learn, but if she could describe herself in one word she would say, "[I'm] tough." Hartley loves a good competition and is always trying to better herself.

Hartley is excited to work for a company and branch that truly cares about each individual that walks in the office. In fact, she believes that the company is full of compassion and dedication.

Her favorite part about her career at MAU is her coworkers.They do all they can to position MAU candidates in the workforce, and they are always very welcoming.

Fun Fact: Hartley climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!

Each family member plays a significant role in the branch and company’s success! We are honored to have such a great team serving the Aiken, SC area.

The Team’s Favorite Parts of Aiken

Downtown Aiken

DSCF6279If you are local or have visited the Aiken area, then you know that Downtown Aiken is a major focal point in the community. It is an absolutely beautiful place full of boutiques, sweet shops, restaurants, and more. Something is always happening in downtown Aiken, including live music, sporting events, and even a local Farmer’s Market.


The AlleyThe Alley

Most events in Aiken happen in The Alley, a street right in the middle of Downtown Aiken. It hosts some of the best restaurants and taverns around! Mellow Mushroom, Takosushi II, Whiskey Alley, Trio Bar & Kitchen, and the Alley Downtown Taproom all join together to make The Alley the amazing place it is through delicious food, fun events, and sponsoring of live music during Amp the Alley and other celebrations. This street brings so much energy to a small town, which is why it is MAU Aiken Operational Manager, Alvin Harden’s favorite spot to relax and have a fun time.The Alley and Downtown Aiken make Aiken one of the liveliest places to be!

Hopelands Gardens

Hopeland GardensWhen visiting Aiken, Hopelands Gardens is a must see! MAU Aiken team members. Miranda, Elanda, and Tammy all agree that it is one of the most beautiful spots in Aiken. Hopelands Gardens has been in existence since 1969 and was founded by Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin as a 14 acre public garden for the people of Aiken. It’s a magical place that is home to historic trees, the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame & Museum, a gazebo, and so much more!

Miranda loves Hopelands Gardens for its beauty and its purpose to children. She takes her daughter there often to feed the fish and partake in Story Time, which is a gathered reading session that her husband’s racing company Beck Racing sponsored. How fantastic is it  to be able to enjoy an awesome book and bask in the beauty of such a marvelous place with your loved ones and community?

Aiken Golf Club

IMG_3349Another major event in Aiken is golfing. If you live in Aiken, SC, and you don’t golf, then you most likely know someone who does. The Aiken Golf Club is one of the most historic courses in the nation, since it was initially built in 1912! The course consists of eighteen holes of greenery and beauty at every corner. MAU Staffing Specialist, Jackson Bailey is a golf fanatic and often spends his weekends hitting at this beautiful course!


For more information on the Aiken branch and to view available job opportunities, head over to https://www.mau.com/aiken-sc. For more on the Aiken area and upcoming events, check out visitaikensc.com.

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