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Branch Spotlight: Connect to a Career in Conyers

Post Author Kelsey Green
Jan 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM
MAU News

In May of 2017, MAU Workforce Solutions in their quest to make lives better by delivering workforce solutions globally, acquired metro Atlanta-based staffing company, FutureStaff. From that acquisition, MAU welcomed 11 new MAU family members and gained two new brick and mortar locations. One of these new locations includes what is now known as the MAU Conyers branch.

Since 1982, FutureStaff had been a provider of customized staffing solutions in the metro east and south Atlanta areas with services including Contingent Staffing, Temp to hire, and Direct Hire. Since its acquisition in 2017, MAU Conyers has grown. They work with several industrial clients including top-tier companies like Sonoco and Hailo USA Inc. Today we are highlighting the women that make this such a successful branch.

Welcome to Conyers

Located only a few miles from i-20, MAU Conyers is easily accessible and centrally located for clients, applicants and employees alike. Many of the MAU Family members and applicants love the easy commute to the office for work and interviews.

Meet the Conyers Team

Margie Ensley - Operations Manager 


Margie started with FutureStaff in 2000. Margie began her career as a part-time member of the Business Development team. Margie now leads our Conyers team as the Operations Manager. This role fits Margie perfectly because she not only cares about her team’s professional life but their personal life as well. Since acquisition, there have been more opportunities for her team to advance, and she enjoys watching her team succeed.

One thing that Margie appreciates the fact that her team is making lives better for their applicants. For some people, even if they don’t get the job with MAU, Margie is still able to coach applicants and give them needed advice and some interview tips.

Fun Fact: Margie used to be a hostess at the Atlanta Braves and enjoys being outdoors hiking and kayaking.

Joan LeJeune - Senior Staffing Specialist

JoanLike Margie, Joan was a member of the FutureStaff team, prior to the acquisition. Joan began her staffing career in March of 2014 as a Senior Staffing Specialist. She is an extrovert. Joan describes herself as the person that goes to a ball game, not for the sport, but to talk to the people.

Joan loves being able to help others. Helping others is an aspect of her team that she sees played out regularly. “I’m very proud of our office, of our team here. We pitch in and help each other if we’re stressing,” she said. “We don’t sweat anything.”

Along with the team helping one another, Joan really appreciates all the resources, training and growth opportunities that MAU has offered her and the rest of the MAU family. There is always something going on to help us develop our skills.

Fun Fact: Joan is an animal lover and has earned the nickname of Dr. Doolittle because of that passion!

Brenda Levell - Recruiter

BrendaBrenda started with FutureStaff in May of 2015 as a Recruiter and has continued this role through the MAU acquisition. She stayed with this position throughout the merger with MAU. Brenda loves being able to work in the same community that she lives in. Due to her strong ties in the Conyers community, she has been able to share information about MAU and get members of the community  to come into the office for job opportunities.

One thing that Brenda admires about MAU is how much the company cares for all of their employees. When the Conyers team found out that FutureStaff was being acquired by MAU, MAU's President, Randy Hatcher, and some of the other members of the MAU family came to their branch and assured them that their family would remain intact and that they were going to be okay. Brenda loves that even though they are now a part of a larger family, she never lost that close-knit family feel.

Fun Fact: Brenda is a gym mom and enjoys spending most of her nights watching her youngest daughter prepare and compete in gymnastics. Brenda also loves to dance partner dances like salsa, urban ballroom, and step.

Teeunia Easley - Staffing Specialist

TeeuniaTeeunia started as a Staffing Specialist in June of 2014. She delights in helping to resolve issues for others. “If they need someone to talk to, I’m always there to help out in any way that I can,” Teeunia said.

One of the things that Teeunia loves about MAU is how welcoming everyone was during the merger and how they have continued to show care ever since. While the acquisition process could be very scary, Teeunia said that she never felt like she was being left in the dark. Now she loves taking advantage of some of the perks MAU offers, like being visited by our Care Partners every week that come to speak and pray with the team if they so desire.

Fun Fact: Teeunia has been playing the piano for over 10 years. During this time, she has had the opportunity to play at 2 different churches. She loves working with the choir while she does something she really enjoys.

Stacy Campos - Receptionist

StacyStacy started with MAU in 2017 as an Office Coordinator. She loves her work and believes that engaging applicants with a smile and encouraging words each day sets the tone for how they feel they are treated throughout their journey with MAU.

Stacy loves the company culture at MAU because of how differently MAU acts and reacts when a situation arises. Stacy remains amazed at how many people are referred to the Conyers branch by word of mouth, even with two other competitors being right next door. One of Stacy’s favorite memories at MAU is when she went to Augusta for her first Annual Celebration after the FutureStaff acquisition and was finally able to put names to faces from all the emails that she and the rest of the Conyers team received. She loved being able to get on a more personal level with her coworkers.

Fun Fact: Stacy has a wide variety of interest, including networking and entrepreneurship. She has also recently found freedom on a Harley Davidson. When she is not at work or on her bike, you can find her cooking and hosting parties!

The Team’s Favorite Places in Conyers

Covington Square

covingtonKnown as Hollywood of the South, Covington has been featured in several films and television series. This brings many stores to the area all within easy walking distance to one another. You can take different tours, and, if you're lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of one of your favorite Hollywood stars!

Poppin’ Stop

poppin stopThis gourmet popcorn store is a favorite for the MAU Conyers team. With a variety of different flavors, there is something for everyone. Teeunia loves to take her daughter to Poppin' Stop for a treat!

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Monastery of the Holy SpiritThere is so much to do and see at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. You can take a self-guided tour of the Monastic Museum and watch the video about the life of the monks that live there. You can visit the Abbey Church and join the monks for mass, mid-day prayers or vespers. Explore the grounds and features of the Monastery by taking walks or a bike ride throughout the property.


For more information about the MAU Conyers branch, please visit https://www.mau.com/conyers. For additional information about the city of Conyers, GA, please visit http://www.conyersga.com/

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