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MAU Core Values: We Live Safety

Post Author Ben Johnson
May 11, 2021 8:30:00 AM
MAU News
MAU Workforce Solutions CORE VALUES: We Live Safety

MAU's Core Value, "We Live Safety," is at the Center of MAU's Identity as We Strive to Keep Our Clients and Employees Safe

At MAU Workforce Solutions, we are guided by a set of core values in how we do business, treat our employees, and help our clients. These values are more than just statements, they are the principles that we use every day to make lives better.

Our first value is: We live safety.

We live safety is more than just a value at MAU; it is a lifestyle. Everything we do at MAU is focused on living safety because we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe at work. Ensuring safety shows our employees and clients that we value them and their relationship with us and that we care about their well-being. 

MAU is a company that does not just teach safety; we live it. We are not just concerned about safety at work. We consider safety a value that spreads through all of our employees. We don't want our employees to just be safe at work, we want them to arrive safely home to their families as well. Our hope is for our employees to adopt a live safety lifestyle, and that they will take our safety principles and practice them in every aspect of their lives.

What does having a safety lifestyle look like? Our Vice President of Human Resources, Adam Hatcher, talks about how the value “We live safety” has impacted his family.


Our approach to safety is: identify, correct, and improve.

  1. Identify - We train our people to identify potential workplace hazards.

  2. Correct - We aim to teach our people to correct those hazards.

  3. Improve - We seek to continuously look to improve the safety of their working environment.

MAU is also a leader in workplace safety and training due to our commitment to safety. We have been building knowledge safety best practices and our safety and training services since 1973. MAU’s Safety Steering Committee is constantly evaluating and retooling our safety initiatives. We provide Client Exposure Risk Assessment to measure potential risks with prospective clients and use a Client Risk Profile to figure out the risk between MAU and clients. We also require monthly safety training to all in-house employees.

Safety Graduates at MAU

MAU strives to enhance our clients’ loss control initiatives and sustain their safety goals. We support and abide by safety rules you design. MAU also holds the Safety Standard of Excellence mark from the American Staffing Association and the National Safety Council.  

MAU is a company that lives safety. Whether that be on the job, in the office, or at home, we strive to put safety in all that we do to protect ourselves, our employees, and our clients.

About MAU

MAU Workforce Solutions is an innovative global company with extensive experience providing solutions for success in staffing, recruiting, technology and outsourcing to our clients, employees and applicants. Headquartered in Augusta, GA since 1973, MAU is a family and minority-owned company offering better processes and better people to create efficiencies and greater profits for our clients. Our relationships with world-class companies, our training programs and our culture of family allow MAU to offer better results, better jobs and better lives to those who work with us. For additional information about MAU, visit www.mau.com.


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