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"I Put A lot of Care Into What I Do."

Posted by Eryka Menzies on Dec 18, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Here at MAU, we deeply care about making the lives of our applicants better by finding people positions that fit their skill set and let them develop a long-term career path. We strive to be more than an employer. We aim to be a platform from which you can grow!

We did this very thing for a woman named Amy Koon in Charleston, SC who started her MAU journey at IFA Rotorion. Joining the MAU team makes you a member of our family. In this family, we invest in each other. We are committed to creating an environment that thrives on honesty, accountability and opportunity. Don't just take our word for it. Hear about one Amy's journey from a desk job in Michigan, to a MAU associate, to a full-time IFA Rotorion employee! 

Join the MAU at IFA team!



Yes, MAU is among the largest staffing firms in the country. But, more than that, we are a faith-based, family-focused organization that genuinely cares about the health, wealth and happiness of our employees. We make your success our goal. We personally support you on your journey to change your life and guide you through the application process, skills training and job placement. Find out how you can be like Amy and join the MAU at IFA team at www.mau.com/IFA.


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