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If you are in the Grovetown, GA area, GIW is Now Hiring

Post Author Antoine Vigne
Feb 5, 2020 7:30:00 AM
Now Hiring at MAU
GIW Now Hiring In Grovetown GA February 2020

Find a job you love with MAU at GIW

At MAU we believe work-life balance is important. We care about you, your family, and we understand that you want to spend time with those you love when you aren't at work.

We also believe that you can find a job you love at GIW as a Foundry Worker. This position is new and improved, offering straight shifts for improved work-life balance.

If you are living in the Grovetown, GA area, don’t miss this great opportunity to boost your career at GIW team as a Foundry Worker.

This position does not require a High School Diploma to be eligible to apply, however to join the team at GIW, you do need at least two years of previous production experience. The Foundry Worker is a great entry-level job opportunity offering great benefits.

What are the benefits of joining the MAU at GIW team?

  • Health insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K
  • Dental,vision
  • Straight Shifts

What you will do as a Foundry Worker at GIW?

  • Perform tasks related to melting and pouring metal
  • Remove castings from molds

Everything GIW does is with their customers in mind. GIW does not just manufacture slurry pumps, they deliver total slurry transport system solutions every day.

How do I apply for jobs at GIW?

Interested applicants are asked to apply online by clicking the "apply here" button below, or by visiting the MAU Augusta branch at 501 Greene St. for the opportunity to speak directly with an MAU Representative. We can't wait to help you fall in love with a job at GIW!

2020 February Antoine AI GIW cta Foundry

About MAU Workforce Solutions:

MAU Workforce Solutions is an innovative global company with extensive experience providing solutions for success in staffing, recruiting, technology and outsourcing to our clients, employees and applicants. Headquartered in Augusta, GA since 1973, MAU is a family and minority-owned company offering better processes and better people to create efficiencies and greater profits for our clients. Our relationships with world-class companies, our training programs and our culture of family allow MAU to offer better results, better jobs and better lives to those who work with us. Learn more about MAU at www.mau.com.

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