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Management Coaching & Training

We offer a variety of programs, workshops and training sessions to educate management and executive level employees on effective strategies and processes for the following issues:

  • Workforce reduction and termination
  • Legal compliance
  • Managerial and employee communication
  • Violence in the workplace
Trust our team to design a custom management coaching and training program that arms your leadership team with the knowledge they need to effectively handle critical outplacement processes.

Career Transition Services

Keep your employees focused on their future with an effective career transition service. With access to our fully equipped career center, library and e-learning tools, you’ll lead dedicated employees down the right path, and support them with the tools to transition to their next opportunity. We also offer customized programs and industry events, either in-house, online, or on-site, to educate and prepare displaced employees for their next steps.

We also coordinate and partner with other local, national and international job services agencies to ease the transition, and aid in their job search. Learn more about our recruiting partners.

Testing & Assessments

Take advantage of our effective personnel assessment tests and services, which can be used to evaluate new employees, or as an employee transition tool, in these areas:
  • Career positioning and corporate fit
  • Behavioral, aptitude and leadership qualities
  • Team dynamics and performance
  • Language and literacy
Additional Helpful information!

Transitioning individuals from your team is never an easy decision, yet often necessary as businesses and industries evolve. During the process, it is important to maintain positive staff relations, communicate and provide your employees with the proper career training, transition assistance and learning resources.

Additionally, an established outplacement program can help to protect your business by minimizing possible financial and legal exposure, and avoiding costly or unnecessary civil litigations.

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