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Streamlining Recruitment Processes to Drive Efficiency and Reduce Costs


Learn how our client achieved remarkable business growth through strategic acquisitions as they successfully merged multiple companies and cultures.

Our client, a prominent supplier of manufactured products to the power utility industry, had witnessed substantial business growth resulting from multiple acquisitions. However, the merging of different companies and cultures posed a challenge in achieving cross-company alignment, particularly in the recruiting process. As a result, there arose a pressing need to standardize and continuously improve the client’s recruiting processes while ensuring a high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective approach to talent acquisition.

The Problem with Undefined Processes

Despite the positive impact of company growth, recruiting became a complex task with numerous challenges. Both the recruiting and hiring processes lacked standardization and clear definition. The allocation of recruiting resources was inconsistent and ill-defined. Furthermore, the absence of metrics made it difficult to measure success, and there was a lack of shared vision regarding position requirements and organizational fit. Prior to partnering with MAU, the client had limited support from its internal recruiting team and heavily relied on external recruiters, significantly driving up recruiting costs (e.g., placement fees and excessive involvement of client stakeholders in the process).

Our client, faced with the need for improved speed, efficiency, and optimization, sought a solution to enhance their hiring and placement processes for both exempt and nonexempt employees. MAU, a trusted partner in the field, embarked on a journey to create a customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model, designed to address the client’s unique requirements.

Collaborating to Drive Change

Collaboration and synergy were at the heart of this project as MAU and the client worked hand-in-hand to implement a standardized and scalable solution. The top management of both organizations came together, ensuring cross-functional buy-in, open communication, and ongoing process improvement.

A key element of the solution was the introduction of a dedicated point of contact from MAU, who took charge of managing all recruitment processes across multiple client sites throughout the United States. This comprehensive role encompassed requisition management, candidate sourcing and qualification, as well as the handling of applicant tracking and various back-office procedures.

Streamlining Leads to Success

By embracing the customized RPO model, the client achieved remarkable results. First and foremost, waste was minimized through the implementation of standardized processes and seamless delivery. This brought about increased efficiency, allowing the client to focus on their core competency—manufacturing quality products for the power utility industry.

To further drive process efficiency, MAU introduced a range of specialized tools and recruiting metrics. One notable tool was the standardized Candidate Submittal Form, enabling MAU to succinctly summarize each candidate’s education, work experience, and overall suitability. This tool significantly reduced the time spent by hiring managers on candidate review.

The adoption of web-based transparency, position qualification meetings, customer surveys, and post-interview assessment meetings further enhanced the efficiency of the recruitment process. These tools and methods collectively contributed to a more streamlined and optimized process, enabling the client to achieve remarkable results.

Through their partnership with MAU, the client successfully transformed their recruiting model into a standardized, scalable, and cost-effective solution. The incorporation of new acquisitions became a seamless endeavor and allowed the client to channel their attention and resources toward their core competency.


By maximizing efficiency, reducing costs per hire, and improving the integration of new team members, MAU empowered the client to achieve sustained success. The case study stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative solutions in overcoming complex recruitment challenges.