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The Landscape of Electric Vehicles in the Southeast
February 21, 2023 4:54:17 PM

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been rapidly gaining momentum as the automotive industry’s preferred option for driving change toward a more sustainable world. The US is actively contributing to this shift in transportation, with the Southeastern region leading notable advancements and leaving its own mark on EV development alongside established innovation centers like Silicon Valley.

With gas prices on the rise, reluctance to rely heavily on foreign oil, and heightened environmental concerns, electric cars are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for consumers. Recent research from Energy.gov even suggests that switching all light-duty vehicles in America to hybrid or plug-in models could have a monumental impact. They would reduce US dependence on imported resources by up to 60% and carbon pollution associated with transportation sector emissions by 20%. With these potential benefits, it is no wonder why more drivers may soon be going electric!

The Southeast (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee) is a leader in EV manufacturing investment and job creation, accounting for at least 14% of the passenger EV manufacturing jobs while representing 18% of the U.S. population. Additionally, despite overall US auto sales increasing only 3% last year, electric vehicle sales in the Southeast jumped 48%.

The future of transportation is electric, and the implications will be felt in nearly every industry. As it becomes clearer that we are on the cusp of a massive change, companies must work together to reskill and retrain their employees to ensure they have the skills they need to thrive in their future roles.

The electrification of the vehicle market is an exciting development with massive potential for transforming how we experience mobility. As businesses continue to embrace this revolutionary technology, they must also prepare their workforce by reskilling and investing in employees with knowledge relevant to tomorrow’s EV landscape.

With that said, understanding the current state of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Southeast US can help companies make more informed decisions on what steps they need to take today as they look toward a future empowered by EVs!

Check out our infographic below, where you’ll learn everything there is to know about what’s happening right now in one dynamic visual resource!

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