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Unlocking Business Growth: The Benefits of Proactive Recruiting


Read how MAU’s proactive recruiting strategy brought significant improvements to talent acquisition for a client.

When MAU started working with a major port system, our relationship was small and relied primarily on transactional processes. As we demonstrated our successful track record and value, the relationship expanded from there. Through a mutual connection and positive referral, a major port system tasked us with standardizing their recruitment process. We proved up to the challenge, implementing a more proactive recruitment strategy that helped them find noteworthy candidates in their targeted industry. Since then, we have nurtured this partnership built upon trust and shared goals.

To unlock growth and drive success, businesses need to be proactive in their recruiting efforts. This case study showcases the benefits of proactive recruiting by highlighting a company that saw significant improvements after implementing this strategy. By proactively seeking out top talent and building relationships with potential candidates, businesses can set themselves up for long-term success.

Lost at Sea

The port’s major recruitment issues hinged on the lack of a standardized recruitment strategy. Without one, they could not predict the recruitment needs that they would face and instead had to take a reactive approach, leading to recruitment bottlenecks due to not having enough personnel ready when it was needed. This caused staffing and operational problems that took too long to fix – time that could have been saved with a proactive, standardized strategy.

As a critical cog in the national supply chain, slowdowns at the port cause slowdowns across the country. It’s critical that the port operates as efficiently and smoothly as possible, and that begins with a healthy workforce.

Companies cannot adequately plan and prepare for recruitment demands without a standard recruitment process; otherwise, they will always be playing catch up rather than maintaining the lead over their seasonal recruitment requirements.

MAU as a Compass

MAU implemented a flexible RPO strategy that enabled proactive recruitment and improved efficiency. With the assistance of our trusted experts, we were able to steer the ship on a course toward lasting growth and resilience. As a result, MAU has become an invaluable and trusted partner among stakeholders and business leaders. Our organizations have benefited from this collaboration thanks to shared expertise, dedication, and mutual best interests.

Implementing a proactive recruitment strategy can give businesses a significant competitive advantage. It allows for increased team flexibility and improved supply chain management, resulting in an optimized recruitment experience. Companies that adopt an RPO approach benefit from having access to recruitment experts and better-handling staffing fluctuations due to changing business needs or seasonal variability. Strategic recruitment solutions will not only help ensure a successful recruitment process but also save resources that can be invested elsewhere across the enterprise.

Keeping the Supply Chain Afloat

Our work with this client is a prime example of how a strong recruitment and retention strategy is crucial to the overall success of the supply chain. This domino effect ripples beyond the port’s gates and far out into the supply networks that comprise the lifeblood of international commerce. The ports’ newfound power is driving economic prosperity for businesses, local government as well as citizens along the entire east coast, making it clear that to succeed, people have to come first.

Ultimately, MAU’s success story with this client illustrates the power of synergy in business. All the partners involved were able to make significant contributions in their areas of expertise. Through careful coordination and open communication, our teams were able to bridge the gap between talent acquisition challenges and market demands. MAU was able to fix weaknesses within its recruitment strategy and update its processes to reduce time-to-hire.


This project was a success on many levels that extended far beyond just meeting specific challenges or objectives; it had a real impact on everyone involved. Not only did we help create systemic change with the port, but we revolutionized how they found talent moving forward. We’re proud of the work we did and what it means for this major port and its stakeholders all across the region.