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3 Ways to Embrace New Generations in Your Workforce

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
May 9, 2019 2:45:00 PM
Workforce Insights
3 Ways to Embrace New Generations in Your Workforce

What's your 5-star recipe for developing a successful workforce?

Considering the competitiveness between companies today to rely on great talent, the emphasis can often be on attracting new talent to your organization, but the retention of your current employees is just as critical. 

With this in mind, what are you doing to attract top talent from the younger generations in today's workforce, and retain the ones that are already part of your workforce?

Have you thought about what their best professional skills are, as well as what you are doing towards gaining their loyalty?

Multiple studies report what we already know: the landscape of today's workforce is drastically different from just 15 years ago.

As more Gen Z-ers join the workforce in the upcoming years, here are three ways to embrace them into your workforce.

1) Embrace Diversity

Nowadays, the need to travel the world to start seeing cultural differences does not exist. Our country is well known as a multicultural nation, as seen in food, art, and literature, and the Millennials and the Gen Z workforce highly value this diversity.

They want to not only have a multicultural experience in their personal life but in their workplace as well.

Hence the importance to develop a company culture that helps foster an environment that embraces differences and diversity among its employees.

One way to do so by allowing employees to have a voice when it comes to decisions regarding the work environment.

For example, establish open-door policies, develop employee involvement programs, or even suggestion boxes, as those are ways to involve them in big decisions in the company.

2) Foster Development

According to multiples studies, besides achieving stability, their main goal at work is to experience training opportunities and professional development.

The development of technologies and new market trends force us to adapt.

To hire this new generation of workers, companies will have to offer more career-focused benefits, as Gen Z members see their career development as the most important aspect of their first job.from RippleMatch reports: What Generation Z Wants at Work

If companies want to attract this digitally-minded talent, they will need to demonstrate that they can help them advance professionally and achieve their most important career goals.

3) Create A Positive Workplace

People don't leave a job for no reason.

From the recruitment process to the very last second of a regular workday, your company culture is present.

The retention challenge starts from that very first impression the candidates get during the recruiting process. Therefore, strive to showcase your company as an organized, professional, and process-based organization, with everything you do.

The same way you are expecting professionalism from them, it is essential to be aware that at that moment, you're the face of your company; pay that professionalism back.

Once they are part of your workforce, recognize their value by showing your appreciation.

MAU President Randy Hatcher says: "It may seem cliche, but there's just something about a handwritten note. In today's fast-moving world of emails, text messages, and Snapchat, taking the time to write out how an employee has benefited your team will make your company stand out. If you choose to go this route, be intentional, expressing accurately what the employee's efforts and hard work have meant to you as his/her supervisor or manager."

Robust company culture is not limited to tech companies in Silicon Valley but thrives across all industries.

Click here to see more ways to show your employees you care.

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