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5 Best Practices For Better Recruiting

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
Jun 27, 2019 7:09:00 AM
Workforce Insights
MAU Header - 5 Best Practices to Find the Right Candidate

The American Staffing Association states that "since the economic recovery began in July 2009, staffing employment has been growing more than two times faster than the economy and just over six times more rapidly than overall employment."

This shouldn't take us by surprise: during 2018, U.S. staffing companies hired 16.8 million temporary and contract employees; a growth of 1.3% from 2017.

With rapid growth like this, staffing professionals face the need to combine the organization's internal hiring processes with their interpersonal best practices to deliver the best results.

If you are looking for recommendations from professionals who dedicate their best to identify, interview, and screen top candidates, try these 5 best practices for a better recruiting from 5 of MAU's internal experts.

1. Stay Positive, Stay Direct

When you’re selling a position, it’s imperative to focus on the positives while remaining direct on the integral aspects of the opening. From the first phone call to on-boarding the candidate, a recruiter needs to consistently convey a direct yet positive description of what the candidate can expect in their new role.  This includes the environment they will be working in, what will be expected of them and any other significant aspects of their assignment. Following this best practice will result in higher retention rates and higher employee and customer satisfaction.

- Jackson Bailey, Staffing Specialist

2. Create a Connection

When qualifying a job from the client, I suggest to reach out to the hiring manager, speak to them either by phone or in person.  This can help to understand what exactly they are looking for in the person to fill the position.

On the other hand, applicants are selling themselves for a job, but the company is also selling itself as well. There are lots of opportunities out there, and it is important that you share with the applicant what your company has to offer: benefits, growth opportunities, as well as the company's culture.

I also suggest giving the applicant a time-frame of when they will hear from you. Follow up with an update, even if you don’t have an answer yet. Keep the applicant informed and set a realistic expectation.

- Kristie Miles, Staffing Specialist

3. Make a Lasting Impression

We’ve all applied for jobs before, right? That’s what makes this tactic so simple. I believe in always giving solid and honest answers to the applicant’s questions, as well as updating where they are at in the application process. I do this because recruiters are the first initial face of the company and to me - first impressions mean EVERYTHING. I want applicants to know how much I appreciate their interest in my company’s opportunities.

- Kailee Guth, Staffing Specialist

4. Go Beyond Their Resumes

For me, building a relationship with the applicant is just as critical as it is with the client. This is why I encourage all staffing specialists to visit the client site because a face to face interaction will help to understand the company's culture. Connecting with candidates and exploring their interests and accomplishments beyond their resumes is also a great way to align them with the perfect job opportunity.

- Alicia Webber, Staffing Specialist

5. Make the Process Enjoyable

I speak with the applicants once or twice a week in regards to their status in the recruitment process. Also, I like to make the interview a fun experience and keep things moving.  Relieving the stress from the interview allows the candidates to feel at ease and open up about any concerns.

But overall, the most important goal that I have during this process is to show respect and let the applicant know they are highly valued; this will definitely raise the bar.

- Tish Graham, Staffing Specialist

These insights will help not only to identify the right candidate, but to engage them in the on-boarding process successfully, and ultimately leads the right candidates to the perfect job opportunities.

If you need to see the results of what can happen when we put these recommendations into practice, read the following story to discover how MAU recruited more than 800 positions for an automotive manufacturer during a challenging time when customer demands were particularly high.

Building a Strong Workforce During a Ramp-Up - A Case Study

MAU’s array of staffing, recruiting, tech, and outsourcing solutions can find the best fits for your organization, without losing any of your company’s personality or culture. Contact us to get started!

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