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6 Tools to Include in Your Continuous Improvement Program [Infographic]

Posted by Mike Boettcher on Oct 11, 2018 12:52:00 PM

Sustainability is a strategic word that can be linked to numerous initiatives.  When it comes to developing a sustainable lean journey, the key is in building a team of rock-solid lean leaders.  As with any business, we are focused first and foremost on getting the job done, but a good lean leader will accomplish this while also developing their people.

Operations management has a key role in the selection and expansion of the company’s lean leaders.  The leadership team should be engaged in the nomination of Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) candidates.  Some of the nomination criteria should be based upon the candidate’s experience working within a team, demonstrated desire to drive process improvement and that he/she has exhibited the lean skill of ‘respect for people.’ Furthermore, this search should include someone who is willing to adapt to change, has good communication skills, and is also someone who is a self-motivated, “take charge” type of person.Finally, your future lean leaders need to have a desire to learn about CIP, understanding that this role will require them to become mentors themselves.  Once you have defined who your lean leaders are, create a development plan that exposes them to various CIP tools. Check in the following Infographic the 6 tools that you should include to ensure success.

6 Tools to include in a Continuous Improvement Program

By ensuring that your lean leaders are set on a developmental path that includes each of these elements you have a much greater chance of ensuring a sustainable lean journey while also positively impacting corporate growth for years, and even decades.  And for your lean leaders, this development program will expand their problem solving capability, develop their mentor/coaching skills, and ultimately have an extremely positive impact on their career path. 

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