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Can You Really Multitask? Myth vs. Reality [Infographic]

Post Author Rob Loose
May 11, 2017 11:22:11 AM
Workforce Insights
Multitasking - Myth vs Reality (2).png

My family and I are proud weekend warriors. Monday to Friday is devoted to work, school and extracurricular activities. We respectfully reserve the weekend for completing household maintenance. Once the chores are completed, hopefully there is still time for much-needed rest. When Saturday arrives and achieving the "rest" part of the weekend on our minds, we scramble to clean mountains of laundry, polish the house and manicure the yard. My wife leads this rigorous effort multitasking like a pro folding clean clothes, washing mirrors and mopping the floors all in furious blur - at least it seems that way. Me and the kids struggle to keep up but dutifully pitch in the best way we can. Proudly, I too know how to multitask by doing one thing at a time - not really multitasking at all!  In my defense, does anyone really multitask? Not really...               

I love the idea of multitasking in the name of "swiftly accomplishing a to-do list," however, one common task best completed by itself is driving. Why? Driving an automobile is potentially very dangerous and when motorists incorporate additional tasks while driving such as eating, applying makeup or talking on a cell phone, the danger increases considerably for the driver, passengers and millions of others that share the road. Distracted driving kills and/or injures too many people each year. With busier schedules and the advent of hand-held electronic devises the temptation to multitask drive compels almost all motorists. Please stop this dangerous practice. Multitask while doing your household chores (or pretend to like me) but don't risk your own life and others by multitask driving.

Check out the infographic from the National Safety Council to get more insight on the great multitasking lie, specifically when it comes to driving. 


Provided by The National Safety Council

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