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COVID-19: 6 Tips from MAU's Director of Safety

Post Author Rob Loose
Apr 2, 2020 10:15:00 AM
Workforce Insights
6 Tips to Boost your Safety at Home during COVID19

COVID19 - Safety Blog Exp Graph

Have you seen a good exponential graph lately?

Placing levity aside, it seems that every day reports about the spread of COVID-19 are more disheartening.

When will we see a decline? Hopefully, soon.

The real question is: how are you adjusting to this strange new reality? If you’re like me, you are at home balancing work life and running a diner. My wife and I seem to prepare meals constantly, sequestered in our house with two teenagers who are tired of completing homework packets and are grieving in-person visits with friends. I’m not complaining, as I know many have it worse than I do.

That said, we are in a worldwide pandemic and, as a safety person, it is my obligation to offer some safety tips.

1. Declutter your Home Workspace

The same safety rules you devotedly subscribe to at work should apply while working from home. Make a comfortable work space that is ergonomically-sound, neat and organized. Working at home doesn’t mean that you won’t trip on cords and boxes. Declutter that home workspace, making it safer!

2. Sanitize your Food

Abiding by social distancing, you may order takeout or grocery pick up. Be sure to wipe off your groceries before you place them in the pantry. For takeout, bring your bundled meal home, unpack it, dispose of the container, wash your hands, and then dig in.

3. So as your Living Space

Clean, clean and more clean… Sanitizing your living space is so important. Now more than ever is the time to be a clean freak. Vacuum, mop, dust and stay on top of your laundry. 

4. Keep it Outside

Speaking of laundry, when you venture out into the community remember that you could be returning home with COVID-19 on your clothes and shoes. Upon returning from being in public, remove your errand clothing and wash it just for good measure. 

5. Keep your Distance

It may seem unfriendly, but now is not the time for entertaining or inviting people to your home. In fact, for the time being, you should avoid guests. Instead, tryout Facetime or Zoom. My teenagers are excellent digital gatherers, so I’m learning from them. 

6. Clean your Devices

If you’re Facetiming on your mobile device, consider washing your phone often throughout the day. Hopefully, you are washing your hands several times throughout the day. After you wash, if you pick up a dirty cell phone, all that scrubbing is worthless. Sanitize your phone and other electronics your hands touch throughout the day.


Lastly, make the most of this time of quarantine. If your family is going stir crazy from confinement, consider unordinary ways to have fun together. We taught our miniature dachshund to play hide-n-seek, and we look forward to nightly games hiding from the dog. Sounds silly, I know, but the game really helps our family cope with confinement. 


My friends, this time will pass eventually and each of us will have our how-did-you-survive-COVID-19 story.

Live safety by following CDC and health department guidelines, but make sure you make the best of this uncomfortable pandemic situation.

Duck, duck goose anyone?

Many companies are opting into remote work environments for employees. Learn how to better manage your remote workforce and maximize their productivity with the following tips.

How to Better Manage your Remote Employees

If you have questions about how to implement any of these tips at home or in your organization, we're here to help. From job board optimization, social media strategy, and applicant communications, we have the team to help you get the job done, during times of crisis and always.

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