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Three Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

Post Author Alana Davis
May 22, 2017 1:47:02 PM
Workforce Insights
Header_ 3 Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

In today's war for talent, the emphasis can often be on attracting new talent to your organization, but the retention of your current employees is just as critical. At MAU, we know that displaying a strong company culture is important to bringing in top talent, but expressing that culture to your current employees is just as important. And there is no better way to do it than through employee recognition.

Aren’t sure how to show your employees how much you care? Not to worry! Here are three sure ways to express gratitude and admiration for their hard work and dedication.

1. Anyone Hungry? One of the simplest ways to show appreciation is through the power of food. If you have a smaller team, perhaps take everyone out on an extended lunch. If that's not an option, bring breakfast with you! Here in the Upstate of South Carolina, biscuits from Chick-fil-A or Bojangles always excite, but no matter what breakfast item you choose (donuts, bagels, fruit, etc.), it’s sure to impress. If a long lunch or big breakfast isn't an option, a treat such as a chocolate bar or small bag of candy can hit a sweet spot.

2. Express Gratitude, In Writing. It may seem cliche but there's just something about a handwritten note. In today's fast moving world of emails, text messages, and Snapchat, taking the time to write out how an employee has benefited your team and company will stand out. If you choose to go this route, be intentional, expressing specifically what the employee's efforts and hard work has meant to you as his/her supervisor or manager.

3. Decorate and Celebrate! Sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest impact. Go a little crazy and decorate your office space or work station for the day. Welcome your employees with balloons, confetti, and streamers, so they feel as though they are walking into a party. The response will likely be surprise and create a lasting impression on your employees! Show your team that they are a big deal to you.

No matter what your business in Upstate is, recognizing your employees can be easy and inexpensive. Make sure your employees know you care about them: bring in some donuts, write a few notes, and throw up some streamers for birthdays and work anniversaries; you will be surprised how positively your employees respond.

At MAU, we know the importance of employee recognition. One of our core values is to honor the unique worth of each person and the relationship we develop with them. 

Employee Recognition

MAU’s array of staffing, recruiting, and outsourcing solutions can find the best fits for your company in the Upstate of South Carolina, without losing any of your company’s personality or culture. Contact us to get started!

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