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How More Than 160 Skilled Labor Positions Were Filled for a Tier One Auto Manufacturer

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
Jan 16, 2019 11:15:50 AM
Workforce Insights
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Have you heard about the bright side of a business crisis?  Defined as an unexpected event that endangers the relations of the company, and therefore, it's stability, a business crisis naturally carries with it a negative connotation. 

However, a business crisis doesn't necessarily need to be viewed as a strictly negative event that will merely bring challenges and lack of control, with limited opportunities. When the business environment forces us to move from a place of comfort, to one where we have to adapt and learn new concepts, as well as accept new challenges, it is that place where opportunities to grow are born.

When one of MAU's clients, a Tier One Automotive Supplier, was facing a significant increase in production volumes due to the growth of its existing products, as well as the addition of new product lines, it created an increased demand for Skilled Labor they weren't prepared to meet. However, they saw the opportunity to adapt, and create processes that would better support hiring for similar situations in the future.

Click below to learn how MAU was a part of the solution by helping them turn their crisis into an opportunity for growth.

MAU Helps Fill more than 160 Skilled Labor Positions for Tier 1 Auto Manufacturer - Case Study

Looking for a partner to help you maintain a competitive edge during increased production demands?  Let us know how we can help your business succeed!

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