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How to Tackle Global Employment Challenges [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Alana Davis on Jul 13, 2017 12:17:15 PM

If you could expand your business into new global markets overnight and compliantly – would you? Companies frequently delay, or even avoid global expansion altogether, due to the perceived complications and risks. After all, managing contingent labor, independent contractors, and your own workforce in your home country can be a challenge, but when you add the complexities involved in managing contingent labor globally, it can be daunting.

Use the infographic from SafeGuard World International below to view a snapshot of the challenges and legal requirements in just a sampling of countries - these complexities can exist in every country around the world. Then learn about how you can make these challenges non-issues for your organization. 


Click here >> to Download the Infographic

What if there was a solution that made the majority of these complexities non-issues? Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) can help eradicate these challenges and in turn, transform your global expansion plans. Imagine being able to test a new market with a local hire, without having to invest heavily. 

Fortunately, through global partnerships, MAU has capabilities to recruit for your international hiring needs, and we can also assist with on-boarding, provide global payroll services, and offer local HR support in 116 countries around the world through global partnerships. 

Have some more questions? Download this helpful FAQ sheet to learn more about Global Employment Outsourcing. 

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