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Humans and Robots: A New Workforce Challenge

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
Jun 14, 2018 9:45:00 AM
Workforce Insights
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Surely, in the past 24 hours you have interacted with artificial intelligence machines, whether ATM's, self-checkout machines at groceries stores, or simply just by using your smartphone.

Now ask yourself, how was the experience? Did it simplify your life?

Your answer to the last question is probably yes, but many are worried. In supermarkets, in banks, in restaurants, as in many other scenarios, people with jobs that involve repetitive activities are being replaced by artificial intelligence technology.

Surprise? It shouldn't be.

This phenomenon was already anticipated, at least conceptually. Flirting with this innovative idea began decades ago, when in 1927 the classic German film Metropolis revolutionized the way the future may looked.

What many today have questioned is the impact that this type of advancement has on microeconomics, that is the impact to the human workforce's' pocket.  Although there is evidence that the implementation of artificial intelligence technology has the ability to reduce operating costs in companies, human resources can be affected as well by the potential for certain jobs to be replaced. One report from the International Bar Association indicated that at some point in the future, governments could be forced to create measures that require a number of workers in companies. 

According to a study conducted by the global consulting firm McKinsey, the growing wave of automation will force up to 70 million workers in the United States to find another way to make money in the next 13 years.  It's a thing, but this shouldn't be causing panic.

This is not the end, but instead a new labor era.  Although this phenomenon does bring challenges to employers and their workforce, it also brings opportunities for economic growth, similar to what took place during the industrial revolution.  "More occupations would change than be lost, because automation would spur demand for millions of additional jobs", the McKinsey study also states.

This phenomenon brings great opportunities to develop creative intelligence.

Undoubtedly, a competitive workforce is being born thanks to the incorporation of technology in the workplace. This workforce is one that challenges employees to think more, to develop creativity and to be part of an intelligent business development.

Like a friend of mine mentioned before:

Even though workplace automation continues to increase, HR professionals will still need to hire real humans. Instead of thinking about how artificial intelligence and machine learning can replace a position, think about how to incorporate technology into your existing infrastructure to take over specific tasks and ensure that your workforce retains the uniquely human skills necessary to complement the digital changes.

Instead of being fearful of what can occur in the coming years, start to explore the path where technology and a well prepared workforce can help a business succeed.

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