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MAU's April Talent Menu [Download]

Post Author Mary Ashton Dees
Apr 29, 2021 7:15:00 AM
Workforce Insights
MAU's April Talent Menu [Download]

With many companies now looking to hire and re-build their workforce, there is a strong sense of competition in the market. Recruiting the ideal candidate often takes time, and can be a lengthy process to filter through a large applicant pool.

It is important to understand your company's needs, and what attributes those desired candidates must have to be successful.

Whether you are looking for a specific skill-set, or a certain amount of industry experience, beginning the search for those candidates may seem daunting.

To offer you the most qualified candidates, we created the Talent Menu which is a comprehensive list of talented candidates who are searching for opportunities across a broad range of industries.

The Talent Menu is a downloadable document featuring 12 skilled and talented professionals with a variety of skill sets and experience across many different industries.

We have reviewed their resumes, and our recruiters have spoken with them one-on-one, which saves you time and expense during your search for the ideal candidate.

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You can click below to download the complete list of this month's candidates, and let us know if we can introduce anyone to you and your organization.

April 2021 Talent Menu

If you're interested in interviewing, and ultimately hire, one or more of our talent menu candidates, we are offering a 30% reduction in any fees associated with their placement. 

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Whether you're looking for professional recruiting services, hiring at your call center, engaging a contract workforce, looking for technology consulting services, or even recruiting internationally, we have the solution for your business.


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MAU Talent Menu - March 2021

MAU's March Talent Menu [Download]

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MAU's February Talent Menu Download

MAU's February Talent Menu [Download]

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Feb 26, 2021 8:40:00 AM

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MAU Talent Menu - January 2021

MAU's January Talent Menu [Download]

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