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Need a Talent Back Up? April Talent Menu [Download]

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
Apr 25, 2018 10:14:00 AM
Workforce Insights
Talent Menu Header - April

That's right: Skilled workers are a necessity, not a luxury.

Having the correct workforce -with the necessary skills- is nowadays imperative to maintain the competitiveness all companies require regardless of what industry you're in. This is why we on knock the door to present you with the Talent Menu, which features a selection of the best candidates that have already been reviewed and our recruiters have already had one-on-one conversations with each of them.

With this, we're looking to provide a helpful resource for finding the best candidate for the job position you may have open.

If you're interested in interviewing, and ultimately hire, one or more of our talent menu candidates, we are offering a 30% reduction in any fees associated with their placement. 

Check out our latest talent menu, in an easy-to-navigate download, featuring candidates that are now grouped by job type, making it easier for you to find what (or who) you are looking for.

In this month's top talent menu, we feature 33 most placeable candidates with a broad range of skill sets and experience within the following areas:

  • Engineering

  • Supply Chain/Logistics

  • Project Management

  • Environmental Health & Safety

  • Maintenance

  • And More!

Click below to download the talent menu now, and let us know if we can introduce anyone to you and your organization.

April Talent Menu

Is your organization losing out on the best talent?  It might be hiring process problem.  Click in the link below to learn about how to improve it and ultimately reduce turnover. 

The Waiting Fame: Your Hiring Process


Header_ Junes 2019 Talent Menu

MAU's June Talent Menu [Download]

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
Jun 19, 2019 4:04:00 PM

This Talent Menu features highly experienced individuals in Engineering, HR, Construction, Marketing, Supply Chain/Logistics, and more. Learn more here!

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Header_ Mays 2019 Talent Menu

MAU's May Talent Menu [Download]

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
May 23, 2019 9:59:13 AM

Looking for an Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, or Supply Chain and Logistics Guru? Check out this month's talent menu featuring 11 top candidates.

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MAU Header - Blog_ April's Talent Menu (1)

MAU's April Talent Menu [Download]

Post Author Luis Orlando Colon Rivera
Apr 18, 2019 2:05:00 PM

Here's another version of the Talent Menu, featuring more than 15 top candidates that are ready to add value to the competitiveness of your company today.

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