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How to Find the Best IT Talent in the Southeast

Posted by Rob MacLane on Nov 14, 2018 11:40:00 AM

Looking to add the best IT talent to your growing tech department? Here are five easy ways to make it happen. Keep Reading >>

Topics: Technology, Recruitment Process, IT Talent

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Looking for Top Tech Talent? Here's our Proven 7-Step Formula

Posted by Rob MacLane on Aug 23, 2018 9:38:57 AM

Hiring tech talent can be a real challenge. Many companies struggle to find candidates and when they do, they aren't prepared to find the one who best fits their culture and needs. To help you, 3Ci has shared their 7-step process to successfully hire tech talent. Keep Reading >>

Topics: Technology, seo, Recruitment Process

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6 SEO Tips to Jumpstart your Job Posting Performance [E-Book]

Posted by Guest Blogger on Aug 16, 2018 8:38:23 AM

Search Engine Optimization was once just something Marketers had to worry about. But in today's tight labor market, a strong SEO strategy for writing job descriptions can make all the difference. Here are 6 tips to make yours more SEO friendly, a critical element to effective online job postings. Keep Reading >>

Topics: Technology, seo, Recruitment Process

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Humans and Robots: A New Workforce Challenge

Posted by Luis Orlando Colon Rivera on Jun 14, 2018 9:45:00 AM

Automation and technology in the workplace can create a sense of concern and fear of the unknown. However, it brings opportunity to develop a combination of a well-trained workforce and smart machine resources. Learn more about how this phenomenon brings a new beginning. Keep Reading >>

Topics: Robots, Technology, Workforce Development

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The Cost of a Bad Hire [Infographic]

Posted by Luis Orlando Colon Rivera on May 16, 2018 12:02:05 PM

Recruiting the wrong workforce can affect the culture, the employee engagement, and the quality of an organization. Incorporating a strategic recruitment process can reduce the risk of employee turnover. Therefore we share with you 5 best practices to avoid getting the wrong workforce for your company. Keep Reading >>

Topics: Technology, Hiring, Recruiting

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Four Vehicles to Retain TOP Employees in the Auto Industry [Infographic]

Posted by Luis Orlando Colon Rivera on Apr 30, 2018 11:25:08 AM

Employment in automotive manufacturing has grown year to date. As a result, for both automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, the need to build and maintain a strong workforce is ever present. Here are 4 ways to retain your best employees and decrease turnover through recognition and more! Keep Reading >>

Topics: Employees Retention, Employee Recognition, Company Culture, Technology

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Unmasking AI and Automation in the Workplace

Posted by Alicia Chan on Jan 30, 2018 1:39:57 PM

More companies are adding AI and automation as a part of their workforce, yet only a fraction are prepared for the change. Learn more about the latest HR trend. Keep Reading >>

Topics: Workforce Development, Recruitment Process, Hiring, Technology