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What Does a Staffing Company Do? [Video]

Post Author Alana Davis
May 5, 2017 10:35:54 AM
Workforce Insights
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As an employer, you may have asked yourself this question.  While the largest group of employment in the staffing industry is within the industrial sector, staffing employees work in nearly all occupations, and in all sectors.  According to the American Staffing Association, "Every day, staffing businesses send three million employees to work in America’s offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and other work sites—virtually every place that people work, staffing employees are on the job."

Staffing companies don't only place employees in temporary or contract positions. They also provide temporary to permanent placement, as well as direct hire placement, during which they act as a recruiter for the employer, finding the best candidate possible to fill the position. 

Watch the video to learn more about how MAU partners with companies for staffing, recruiting, outsourcing, and consulting needs. 


How do you hire the best staffing company for your organization? Use these 7 questions as a guide to finding the best partner for your staffing and recruiting needs.

Infographic - 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Best Staffing Agency

Let us know if we can assist you and your company in any way! 

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