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Your Call Center: Finding Great Customer Service Talent [Case Study]

Posted by Alana Davis on Apr 12, 2017 3:11:26 PM

Given consumers' increasing appetite for products that require service and support, industries that specialize in customer service are expected to grow considerably in the coming years. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for customer service is expected to grow 10% percent by 2024. Within telephone call centers specifically, customer service employment is expected to grow 39%.

A recent report released by Business Insider found that it takes as many as 12 positive customer experiences to negate just one negative experience. In addition, it stated that 60% of US consumers did not complete a purchase due to a poor customer service experience. The translation? An estimated $83 billion in lost sales for US retailers. There is no doubting the importance of good customer service in any organization, be it face-to-face, phone, or email communications.

If you're in the business of customer service, the importance is amplified! 

The key to providing exceptional customer service is always, as Jim Collins said in Good to Great, getting the right people on the bus. Effective recruiting and retention of good employees is essential. Wondering how a partner can assist in your customer service and call center recruiting? Here are a few ways a provider can help.

Help Your Company FOCUS:

A recruiting partner helps call centers focus on the things that truly make them successful: customer initiatives, new offerings, improved response time, call quality, customer satisfaction, etc. This is accomplished through a thorough review of core vs. noncore functions.

Help Your Company IMPROVE:

A recruiting/staffing partner can help call centers with recruiting, assessment, and selection of candidates for job openings. A wide variety of options can be customized to meet specific hiring needs and ramp-up goals, utilizing lean process principles.

Help Your Company DELIVER:

Perhaps you have cycles in your business, during which the demand for headcount changes. The right recruiting partner can allow you to quickly increase or decrease headcount based on changing business conditions. This flexibility allows for new initiatives and business cycles to occur, as well as seamless implementation.  

Help Your Company COMMUNICATE:

A recruiting partner helps management stay connected with employees and contractors through customized associate engagement initiatives. For example, MAU establishes an intentional communication schedule, whereby supervisors and management check in with their teams, allowing employees the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback.   

Learn how one MAU call center customer has successfully recruited and retained a strong customer service workforce for over 6 years:

Call Center Case Study

MAU has an array of staffing, recruiting, and outsourcing solutions that are just a click away. Contact us if there’s anything we can do for you.

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