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The Mobile Movement & Your Recruiting
April 27, 2015 2:05:22 PM

Whether you’re at Wal-Mart, the gym, or even out to eat, you can’t miss the fact that a vast majority of people around you, perhaps you included, have their heads down at some point looking at their phone. The increased accessibility and affordability of the smartphone has caused rapid growth since it first entered the scene in 2009. To support the mobile user, in February, Google announced that it would be changing its algorithm to favor mobile friendly websites so that the user experience would be better for those searching on a mobile device. 


In addition, this past December, Indeed released a report on the three different generations currently in the job market, namely, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. As the world’s #1 job site, Indeed collects an immense amount of data each month on its over 180 million unique visitors. By reviewing this data over one month’s time, the report revealed how each group is looking, what types of occupations are of interest, as well as preferred geographic location. 

While the types of work and location each group was looking for varied, there was one thing that proved consistent across the board: job seekers are going mobile. With nearly three quarters of Millennials searching on mobile, just a short amount smaller for Gen Xers, and almost half of Baby Boomers, over 63% of job searches through indeed come from a mobile device.  

So what does all this mean for the employer? Whether you are looking to improve your employment brand, or have an online job board available, it is important now, more than ever, to have your website mobile optimized. Click here to read some tips on how to better prepare for this “mobile movement,” especially in regards to your recruiting efforts. 

Last month, MAU launched a new, mobile-optimized application process. Coinciding with our new job board launched in 2014, our hope is to provide an easier and quicker way for interested applicants to apply for positions with MAU. In line with MAU’s vision statement, we want the applicant experience to be positive and valuable from the first time they view a position and click “Apply now!”

Click below (from any device!) to view the new job board and application process at MAU.

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