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MAU Kicks off Celebrating 50 Years of Creating the Future
April 11, 2023 5:59:01 PM
MAU Kicks Off 50th Celebrations

On March 6, 2023, MAU kicked off its 50th Anniversary Year, a major milestone for the organization. Officially incorporated on March 6, 1973, MAU was the dream of Mr. William G. Hatcher Sr., who launched the company with just $500 in a three room office on Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia, and a dream to make lives better. Today, MAU’s footprint reaches across the country, and is comprised of two key businesses: Manufacturing and Supply Chain, and Technology Staffing and Software Development Solutions.

MAU has been able to celebrate 50 years thanks to the creativity, risk taking, and innovation that has established the organization as a thought leader and pioneer in the solutions it brings to its customers. Mr. Hatcher’s dream to make lives better is carried on by his son, Randy Hatcher, along with Randy’s two sons, Adam and Baker, as they continue to lead MAU into the future.

MAU Inc. CEO Randy Hatcher said, “My father believed in the ability to dream, to dream big, and be willing to take risks to build something out of nothing, and that’s exactly what he did. This year, we not only want to honor the past and the people and their stories that have brought us here, but we will also look ahead to our future.”

MAU will be celebrating this year with the theme, “Creating the Future Since 1973.” Throughout the last 50 years, MAU has positioned itself to be the foremost expert on manufacturing, supply chain, and technology solutions through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. MAU has partnered with world-class companies like BOSCH, Michelin, BMW, Samsung, and John Deere in bringing innovative solutions to increase their productivity, optimize their workforce and ultimately deliver to their customers.

In 2018, MAU added technology services to its offerings, through the acquisition of Atlanta-based 3Ci. With 3Ci, the company is invested in the growing need for digital transformation and modernization across all industries. To bolster a growing Solutions Practice, focused on application development and modernization, as well as enterprise data solutions, 3Ci expanded with the acquisition of Doozer in 2022.

Last year, the company reoriented itself to better reflect its two core businesses By establishing clear delineation between manufacturing/supply chain and technology solutions, MAU has strategically positioned the organization for further growth as we look ahead to the next 50 years. For Manufacturing and Supply Chain, the organization will continue to provide, as well as expand, the quality solutions that provide consistent service and process. At 3Ci, the focus will be on understanding application and software development and design needs, and deliver solutions in a highly flexible and transparent process that exceeds expectations.

“MAU, Inc. remains committed to making lives better, and we believe that by mobilizing each of these businesses, we will be able to do just that not only for our employees but for our incredible Manufacturing and Supply Chain, and Technology clients,” said Hatcher.

MAU looks forward to honoring the past and the people whose stories have brought the company to this milestone while looking forward to the new opportunities on the horizon.

Headquartered in Augusta, GA, MAU is a privately held, minority-owned company that has been providing innovative solutions since 1973. We are a family and minority-owned company offering better processes, people, and technology to create agility and greater profits for our clients. With our two business sectors, Manufacturing/Supply Chain and Technology Staffing and Solutions, we provide comprehensive solutions to help meet each client’s unique needs. Our dedication to providing exceptional quality and service across the organization drives us to provide better results and better lives for all of our customers.