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PRESS RELEASE Workforce Solutions Leader Launches MAU Ascent to Elevate Industry 4.0 Talent.
February 14, 2024 9:13:58 AM

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[Augusta, GA, February 15, 2024] – MAU, Inc., a leading industrial workforce solutions provider, today announced the launch of its MAU Ascent suite of services to identify, recruit, and activate the uniquely skilled talent needed to optimize advanced manufacturing technologies and complex, automated operations.  MAU Ascent talent experts build the skilled teams manufacturers need to thrive in automated, connected and rapidly growing environments and enables internal teams to put greater focus on core, critical operations.

“Over a dozen years ago, in a book called “The Birth of a New Workforce,”  I wrote about the need for manufacturers to adopt an innovative, blended workforce model – combining internal, temporary, and outsourced labor – enabling both workforce agility and strategic focus,” said Randy Hatcher, CEO of MAU, Inc. “More recently, professors at MIT and other industry experts have coined the term “workforce ecosystem” to describe the model.  If the advanced manufacturing workforce was still in its “infancy” when I wrote the book, its current life stage is adolescence.  It is still “growing into” the full realization of its potential and the need for an innovative workforce model is greater than ever.”

MAU Ascent is driven by the conviction that Industry 4.0 is people powered and the pace of technological change demands an innovative workforce ecosystem approach that fosters an elevated level of talent, organizational resilience, and agility.  “Agility is a quality that is fundamentally led not by technology but by the adaptability, innovation, and collaboration of people​.  MAU Ascent gives advanced manufacturers the tool kit to build an agile, blended workforce of the right people at the right time,” said Doug Duncan, President, Manufacturing and Supply Chain for MAU.

The MAU Ascent solution suite includes:

  • MAU Ascent Recruiting: MAU’s focused team of advanced manufacturing recruiting experts identifies, assesses, and onboards the critical, direct-hire talent needed for technology-intensive manufacturing and distribution facilities. The team is committed to ensuring that your organization is equipped with the leadership talent as well as the operational skill to succeed.
  • MAU Ascent RPO: MAU brings systematic rigor to recruitment process outsourcing services, handling targeted high-volume hiring for new facilities, expanded production lines and hard-to-fill digital manufacturing and supply chain roles. The firm’s RPO experts help advanced manufacturing companies rapidly inject new, skilled talent into the workforce ecosystem when it is needed the most.
  • MAU Ascent MPO: MAU’s on-site manufacturing process outsourcing enables manufacturers to embed trained MAU Ascent talent into critical, non-core operations. Our MPO solutions free your internal, core teams to maintain intense focus on critical production priorities.

While recruiting, RPO and MPO are not new services for MAU Workforce Solutions, the new MAU Ascent offerings are enhanced and tailored to benefit advanced manufacturing and smart supply chain organizations and their complex workforce needs.  MAU Ascent solutions are led by dedicated experts committed to continuous process improvement and true partnership. “MAU Ascent helps manufacturers secure specialized skills to maximize advanced manufacturing and supply chain technologies. It is a strong step forward on MAU’s journey to sharpen our client focus, elevate the industrial workforce and improve lives,” Hatcher said.

Learn more about MAU Ascent by contacting Brian Callahan, Vice President of Business Development with MAU at 864-525-1609 or brian.callahan@mau.com



About MAU, Inc.

MAU is a family-owned and privately held company dedicated to making lives better since 1973. Throughout the last 50 years, MAU has positioned itself to be the foremost expert on manufacturing and supply chain workforce solutions. MAU has partnered with world-class companies like BOSCH, Michelin, BMW, Samsung, and John Deere in bringing innovative talent solutions that increase productivity, optimize their workforce performance and, ultimately, deliver greater value to customers. MAU, headquartered in Augusta, GA and with resources across the U.S., is the eighth largest privately held business in Georgia and is a certified minority business enterprise. For more information, visit www.mau.com.


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