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Aluminum Smelting Facility Experiences Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings with MAU


Discover how MAU helped our client achieve costsavings over over 35% by taking over one of their non-core functions.

An aluminum smelting company based in South Carolina was looking for ways to cut costs, while still producing a top-notch product. Their goal was to maintain the required level of quality and production of aluminum going to customers while reducing the cost per metric ton. MAU Workforce Solutions partnered with the client, providing them the opportunity to release their full time regular staff to focus solely on “core” tasks, while MAU assumed the responsibility for the “non-core” task of pot-relining. The pot-relining process involves the rebuilding of a critical manufacturing component that requires precision, consistency and teamwork. If not done correctly, our client faced the threat of having to spend thousands of dollars towards the purchase of new pots and thousands more in lost productivity.


While the client expressed a strong desire to cut costs, they were initially concerned about how temporary staff would change the culture of their company. Our client possessed strong values and principles that they did not want to lose while incorporating temporary staff into their facility. Additionally, they were worried that quality and productivity might suffer in the transition. MAU has a unique process for the Discovery, Design and Delivery of projects. MAU team members spent the necessary time learning, understanding and planning prior to the transition. 


By focusing 100% on our client’s “non-core” task of pot-relining, we’ve been able to improve the process, achieve cost savings of more than 35% within the first year and provide faster turnaround and consistent quality. We now have an expanded on-site supervisory structure to assist our client with additional tasks aside from pot-relining and a well-trained team that is ready to take on additional challenges. These additional tasks include; special projects in the areas of maintenance, logistics and manufacturing. MAU’s results continue to meet our client’s goals of increased business change flexibility, quality and cost savings. We have received recognition for process improvements, performance, best practices and safety. Our processes and culture blend seamlessly with our client’s to create one of the most efficient smelters in the world.