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Driving Our Client’s Success: Streamlining the Recruitment Lifecycle with Process Management Outsourcing


Discover how our client leveraged MAU’s industry expertise to manage expansion and streamline recruitment amid rapid growth and HR overload.

Like so many other businesses, our clients found themselves grappling with rapid business expansion and an overloaded HR department. They faced the challenge of managing the surge in growth while lacking a dedicated HR manager to oversee recruitment. As a result, they were conducting 40 interviews per week to fill positions and sought assistance in streamlining their process to enhance efficiency.

This problem is common among businesses that are growing quickly, as they often find their HR and recruiting teams and processes are not able to keep up with the pace of the growth. The challenge, in this case, was to build a successful professional recruitment strategy tailored specifically for this company while managing the recruiting life cycle from end to end. This involved process management outsourcing and designing a comprehensive recruitment strategy.

The case study analyses how the company was able to develop its HR team by leveraging the insights of an experienced external consultant. It discusses the successful strategies employed, as well as how they were able to optimize their recruiting process for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Finally, it looks at the outcomes of these changes and how they were able to improve both their recruitment outcomes and the overall efficiency of their HR department.

This can be valuable insight for companies looking to transition from an underdeveloped HR team into one that is more effective and productive. It highlights the importance of leveraging external resources, such as experienced consultants, in order to develop successful professional recruiting strategies tailored specifically to your business.

Finding Creative Solutions and Brand Boosters

An automated applicant tracking system (ADP) was created to manage the pool of candidates, keeping them engaged and informed throughout the whole recruitment process. This involved marketing activities within brand standards as well as partnering at the front end with contingency plans in place. By adhering to brand standards, it was possible to accomplish the job within just one month of marketing. Our team was able to flawlessly assimilate with the larger company and brand standards throughout.

The MAU team organized a Job Fair that had a huge impact on the client’s brand presence in the area, significantly increasing their candidate pool and facilitating their success. As a result of the overwhelming response, the decision was made to switch to an invite-only system.

The outcome of these successful strategies was improved recruitment outcomes and greater efficiency for the entire HR department. Roles were filled faster, at both hourly and salary rates, while our consultants provided training during their transition period to ensure full understanding and integration into all aspects of their new roles. Ultimately, we have been able to fill 318 roles for this client, with countless more on the horizon, along with expanding into other facilities.

Boosting HR Efficiency with Outsourced Expertise

External resources can provide invaluable assistance in transitioning from an underdeveloped HR team into one that is more effective and productive. Investing in a tailored and professional recruitment strategy can help companies bring in the right people with the correct skills and qualifications for their organization.

This will not only improve their recruitment outcomes but also the long-term sustainability of their business. Working with experts that can provide guidance and insight into the best practices of recruiting can increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality.


Our team at MAU is experienced in developing successful recruitment strategies tailored specifically for each client. Our expertise in process management outsourcing allows us to manage the entire recruitment life cycle from end to end. We have been working with clients for over 50 years, providing successful strategies and innovative solutions to meet their recruitment needs and HR goals.

Investing in external resources to help with the recruiting process can pay dividends for businesses. It demonstrates how successful strategies tailored to individual company needs can increase efficiency, improve recruitment outcomes and create a more powerful HR department.