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Overcoming Fulfillment Difficulties with Personalized Solutions


Read how MAU helped a client’s fulfillment challenges with tailored solutions, demonstrating expertise and authority in the staffing industry.

The manufacturing industry is facing a number of issues when it comes to fulfillment and skill shortages. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, manufacturers are having difficulty meeting increased demand while also keeping labor costs low. Additionally, they are struggling with a lack of skilled workers to keep up with new technology and processes.

The pandemic has exacerbated this as positions remain vacant due to travel restrictions and fear of infection. With these skill imbalances, manufacturers are unable to maximize efficiency or productivity.

Gaining Insight and Sharpening Strategies

In mid-September 2020, our partner started a relationship with us due to challenges with their current staffing provider and many vacant positions.

Our goals were to bring 50 people on board by the end of the year and improve the overall process. However, due to our focus on front-end wage data, we were able to help increase wages by $2 for all new hires out the gate in comparison with their previous staffing provider.

We also worked closely with them to provide insight into best practices during pandemic times, including providing benchmark data and insights, prioritizing streamlining processes like hiring, and taking over safety training so they wouldn’t have needed additional resources. This allowed us to make their process more efficient while establishing ourselves as partners rather than just another staffing provider.

Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Thinking and Creative Solutions

We developed a customized process that helped our partner overcome the challenges they were facing. Our process pushed them to innovate, breaking them away from their old outdated processes which have proven successful.

Altogether we exceeded expectations and brought in over 250 HC by year-end and quickly became their preferred supplier – resulting in 3 wage increases since beginning this partnership organically built upon trust and knowledge.


MAU has proven itself to be professional with the best data and tracking systems available. This sets us apart from other staffing agencies, giving us an edge in providing insight to leadership that helps them make decisions. Our accurate and reliable data collection allows us to see successes or areas for improvement quickly, helping businesses move forward with a strong foundation built upon trust and data-driven decision making!