Sharing Knowledge for Greater Growth: MAU Assists a Restructuring Manufacturer


Learn how MAU’s expertise and understanding of client needs leads to swift, trust-based actions, propelling us all closer to shared success.

When MAU and a major manufacturer first connected through a mutual relationship, they had no idea what would come out of it. Their bond strengthened and extended beyond anything they could have imagined as years passed. After a major restructuring took place for the manufacturer, their need for strategic support was greatly increased – and MAU was there to help.

MAU quickly rose to the challenge to provide support for the manufacturer. They took the time to understand their client’s needs and provided valuable input rooted in trust and mutual understanding. This strong foundation enabled the team to act quickly, leading both parties closer to their shared goal. Their visits to sites in person gave them a unique insight into different aspects of the project, making it possible for both teams to stay informed and up-to-date on all progress.

Through this partnership, the manufacturer has seen significant improvement. The trust between them and MAU is stronger than ever, allowing them to continue striving toward a brighter future without worrying about disruption or difficulty.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

The manufacturer had a variety of locations with different HR needs, requiring MAU to be flexible and respond in an appropriate manner. While some sites had experienced HR teams that were used to traditional practices, others had much younger or inexperienced teams. In these cases, the priority was on boosting team member engagement to fix retention issues – something that HR personnel alone did not have the capacity to do. By using their expertise and insight, MAU was able to help both large and small teams achieve success.

The client’s HR team had unique issues when MAU was first brought in. They didn’t have the capacity to handle both fulfillment and a healthy culture. The client’s team was young and inexperienced, with only one HR person and an intern.

At another location of the same client, the situation was completely different. Their HR team was used to a unionized atmosphere and was much more old-school and inflexible regarding process changes. MAU had to adjust its methods according to the site’s unique needs and create a confidential and professional strategy.

MAU had to be dynamic and adjust based on each site’s unique needs while maintaining confidentiality, professionalism, trust, and respect. This allowed us to achieve successful results at every location we served.

A Successful Partnership

MAU quickly adapted to the challenge of taking over the full cycle, bringing their experience and agility to the table. Our track record enabled us to build a solid relationship with our client that grew stronger over time, eventually leading us to fill 50+ roles at each site.

Here’s a breakdown by location-

Benson: Started with a need of 8 to 10 hires. Executed 58 hires
Bristol: Started with a need of 2 hires. Executed 3 hires
Franklin: Started with a need of 14 hires. Executed 52
Mooresville: Started with a need of 7 hires. Executed 20
Nashville: Started with a need of 25 hires. Executed 34

This enabled HR teams to become free from recruitment responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their core objectives, such as creating an improved work-life balance across the company. This strategic advantage gave our client a competitive edge in the marketplace and further cemented a mutually beneficial relationship.

MAU has been an invaluable partner to the manufacturer in terms of providing strategic support. They took the time to understand each location’s situation and created innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Over time, this commitment became a very successful partnership rooted in mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

 The manufacturer has seen significant improvement since working with MAU, which has helped them reach new heights in achieving their goals. With continued support from the team at MAU, they are now on track for a bright future ahead.