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MAU Celebrates Milestone Anniversary for Employees
May 23, 2019 5:00:00 PM

Earlier this year, MAU celebrated milestone anniversaries through the end of 2018 for 32 of our internal staff. Years of service achieved ranged from five to forty years, with a combined experience of 320 years! The employees of honor were joined by each of their managers, as well as MAU’s senior leadership team for a luncheon and fellowship in Augusta, GA.

Congratulations to each member of the MAU family for achieving such a major milestone.

5 years:

  • Talon Ainscough
  • Clifton Jones
  • Miranda Beck
  • Michael Benitez
  • Jason Drennen
  • Eryn Taylor
  • Thomas Yeargin
  • Heather McNitt
  • Nicole Williams
  • Erin Tovo
  • Tracy Benton
  • James Dunlap
  • Steve King
  • Brenda Johnson
  • John Lynch
  • Robert Davis
  • Charlotte Paige
  • Sarah Pappas
  • Lori Holley

10 years:

  • Jamie Hay
  • Barry Hamby
  • Stephen Boyette

15 years:

  • Jeff Wheeler

20 years:

  • Ed O’Neal
  • Anita Vess

25 years:

  • Jennifer Brown

30 years:

  • Lee Whetstone

40 years:

  • Randall Hatcher

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