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MAU Core Values: How We Make Lives Better
December 15, 2021 1:50:00 PM

As we have explored the values that make up MAU Workforce Solutions, we have highlighted what makes MAU excel in providing workforce solutions to our applicants, candidates and employees.

The vision of MAU Workforce Solutions is to make lives better by delivering workforce solutions globally. We pride ourselves in offering staffing, recruiting, outsourcing, and technology solutions to both people looking for work and companies needing workforce assistance. MAU seeks to be a people company that puts the safety, development, and respect of each person we encounter first, and it is our goal to provide excellent and prompt service to our clients. MAU is set apart from other workforce companies by our dedication to represent each one of our core values in every part of our business.

Our core values are:

  1. We live safety.
  2. We provide exceptional customer service.
  3. We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times and at all costs.
  4. We honor the unique worth of each person and the relationship we develop with them.
  5. We are known for our principles of responsible stewardship.
  6. We empower the development of our people.
  7. We work together as a results-oriented team.

By focusing our business on these core values, MAU has become one of the leading businesses in the workforce industry, serving a wide variety of world-renowned companies. MAU succeeds when we offer our applicants better jobs, give our clients better solutions, and help our employees reach their full potential at work. As MAU looks towards the future, we hope to continue to build our business as we help make lives better for years to come.

About MAU

MAU Workforce Solutions is an innovative global company with extensive experience providing solutions for success in staffing, recruiting, technology and outsourcing to our clients, employees and applicants. Headquartered in Augusta, GA since 1973, MAU is a family and minority-owned company offering better processes and better people to create efficiencies and greater profits for our clients. Our relationships with world-class companies, our training programs and our culture of family allow MAU to offer better results, better jobs and better lives to those who work with us. For additional information about MAU, visit www.mau.com.